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Meet Cheryl

Cheryl has invested several decades of diligently developing her mindset and expertise. This was a result of growing up as "the shyest girl in the

room"! For context, so shy she wouldn't even

ring the bell on the bus so should could get off

at her stop. She'd just ride along to the next

person's stop so no one would pay attention to


Fast forward, thankfully, she decided to use her understanding of people, areas impacting their behaviors and decision making to make her

mark in Corporate Sales.


She repeatedly leveraged her proprietary method

H.E.A.R.T centered framework while landing new clients like (divisions of) Wells Fargo Bank,

Discover Financial and Kaiser Permanente for her corporate employers. She realized quickly that coaching team members to be their excellent

best not only supported their growth but gave

them ownership of the new clients' results. She

fell in love with the "aHa moment" that occurrs 

when leaders, specialists and technology team members overcame their fear of public speaking

and realized they could lead high level sales conversations confidently to win new business! 


Over her 20+ year career she coached teams to win over $25M to Fortune 1000 companies using her H.E.A.R.T. centered framework. ​ 

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