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Here is how to land more clients within 8 weeks using the proven H.E.A.R.T. centered framework without being salesy or scripted.

For Saas sales executives, professionals and corporations

Dear B2B Saas sales professional

How would you like to show up on a sales call feeling empowered, confident and knowing how to turn your prospect into a client without feeling salesy or pushy?

"Yes! That's what I want"

Of course who wouldn't want that... who wouldn't want to land more clients thereby meeting their quota? stick with me I'll show you how

Landing more clients is possible by using a completely counterintuitive model that i'm about to share with you on this same page

This is the same model my clients are using to close more deals, sell to fortune 1000s companies and make more money in commission

they are able to grow their sales revenue,

they reach higher income levels and can increase their lifestyle

they feel respected amongst by their leaders, co-workers, peers, family and friends

You are probably wondering

"Is this a new script I would have to read on the call?"

No! Landing a client doesn't have to be scripted or pushy You only have to show up confident enough to sell your solution the right way

How do you show up confident?

What is the right way to sell your solution?

Before I answer all that I want to tell you a little bit about me

About Me.

Growing up I was "the shyest girl in the room" after a drastic move from one coast (U.S.) to another. I was so shy I wouldn't ring the bell on the bus to get off the bus. I'd just ride along until the next person's stop.


Over time I realized I had to become more confident if I was going to accomplish my goals. I shifted my mindset week by week, month by month and soon decided to become a sales professional. I was completely scared and kept my focus to be my excellent best and serving buyer's in the best way possible.


Over two and half decades I became a top sales professional working for start ups, boutique agencies and a Fortune 750 company selling services and software. A key part of everything I did included coaching teams (average 5 people) to win new business from major corporations like Wells Fargo Bank, Discover Financial and Lyft.


I sold $25M over my corporate career of 25 years. In 2019 I launched Consult Speak Coach as a company focused on excellence in sales performance for CEOs, Sales Leaders and Sales Executives.


The main reason I launched the business is because there are so many sales focused professionals needing to leverage the current sales process which is significantly more buyer centric. Most of our clients select us because we "demystify sales", meet them where they are and coach them to higher sales levels and build confidence, revenue and profits.

The reason why I was able to show up confidently, land more clients and transfer that same knowledge to my client was because I was able to approach sales from a different perspective: The heart centered framework perspective

You probably watched a lot of videos on sales on youtube and take advice from coaches on instagram, downloaded lots of sales scripts but you are still not able to wing the whole sales thing and get it right

instead of giving you countless lessons on sales and scripts, we have discovered that the best way land more clients is showing up as your authentic self, being confident and knowing how to sell

this is exactly the approach i want to empower you with today

How would I know this will work for me?

I eat my own food

every single steps I will teach you is same method i have applied and I am still applying to land more clients

Ps: I will see you on the call, I can't wait to talk to you and show you how to land more clients. don't miss the call, if you need to reschedule but don't be a no show because i don't reschedule no shows

Also get in a quiet place on the call, make sure that it's quiet and have a book and pem to take notes because I'm going to go over some industry hack that you can implement in your business and get immediate result 

I look forward to helping you

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