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Why Coaching?

Are you a Five Percenter?
If you are like 95% of the people in the world, you know you have a problem (business or personal) and believe you are able to think, read, research, discuss, watch videos and try, try, try until you achieve your goals. 
So what does the 5% know that the other 95% doesn't know or apply
  • They're clear about how much time, energy and money is wasted when they can't resolve their issues alone.
  • They've decided "not to reinvent the wheel"and know someone else has been through the same issues and can guide them to a successful outcome when they are ready to learn and execute.
  • They understand connecting with the right coach they'll get an experienced, unbiased look into their problem and a clear path to resolve their problem.
  • They know accountability and connection to like minded thinkers will accelerate their efforts.
  • They commit to trusting the process of  transformation.inally, they have
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Business acumen and service are in my DNA!
My parents built their careers in corporate sales (my father was a corporate executive turned entrepreneur) and healthcare (my mother was an R.N. with service as key to her superpowers). After being moderately shy in my early childhood years a move across the country from New York to California skyrocketed my shyness. During my high school years I was easily "the shyest girl in the room". To provide some context I didn't even want to ring the bell to get off the bus for fear someone would pay attention to me. I'd just ride along to the next person's stop - get off with them and walk back to her destination!

After college and having a child as a single parent I realized I'd have to develop a stronger mindset to achieve my goals. I worked relentlessly on developing my mindset coupled with learning how to excel in corporate and SaaS solution sales.

After years of learning and implementation, I mastered how to deliver value, understand the buyer's decision making journey and develop well aligned solutions. Buyers buy certainty in achieving their desired outcomes!The majority of my career was spent selling to/working with Fortune 1000 companies like Wells Fargo Bank, Discover Financial and FedEx Office. 

After decades of coaching internal and external teams I realized most people, when faced with presentations and sales, have the same issues I had to overcome as a "the shyest girl in the room".
I consistently used my H.E.A.R.T. centered framework to guide leaders and teams to discovering their  confidence in their abilities. The framework is critical to demystifying the sales process and helping clients get their desired outcome - increased sales and the opportunity to be their excellent best!
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In meeting Cheryl, she helped me to understand "The Why" and who I am as a businesswoman. I can sell confidently by having the tips, strategies and expert advice she gave me. I was able to connect the dots and sell in my value!


—  Dr. Angela Jean-Louis Ph.D.

Founder/CEO, Leadership Concepts Institute


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