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A Massive Breakthrough For Entrepreneurs Looking To Scale…

This Shy, Low-Confidence, &  Extremely Introverted Business Woman Generated Over $25M In Sales While Collaborating With Fortune 1000 Companies Across The Globe!

I must admit…

I had every ingredient needed to embrace the failures and remove myself from the business landscape before achieving success.

As a business development rep who was always too shy to speak up in gatherings.

I wouldn’t ask questions, I wouldn’t raise my hand,

My lack of confidence left me feeling dejected & daunted.


I managed to push past my limits, move through my shyness and inner self and move in the right direction.

It wasn’t easy!

I was determined to create an impact and I did it!


Now, if that excites you, keep reading…

I’m going to show how you can “close” more clients with a better, faster, easier, and proven mechanism.

It’s a PROVEN system that took me years and years to perfect!

Because you’ll agree that…

The challenges that sales closers and business leaders face are often complex and multi-faceted.


And let’s face it:

Growing and scaling your business is the ultimate challenge for you.

It’s hard –REALLY  HARD.

Untitled design (1).jpg

You’re not sure where your next client is coming from.

Your business isn’t producing the income you want… and it’s growing slower than you imagined!

Or maybe…

Your business has limited your time and lifestyle freedom. You feel like you always have a weight on your shoulders. The weight you feel from back-and-forth client communication to managing your time, personal life, and more.

These constant struggles have confused your inner thoughts, and you’re the only one who pays the price.

In other words:

Your business growth is stagnant like oil, it’s not growing to where you want it to be.

All of this creates, shall we say, a huge troll on your inner-self too …leading you to be less confident and an even more introverted version of yourself.

It’s pretty simple, right?

If your business’ sales process isn’t optimized and not performing the way it should perform, then everything is going to suffer.  

I’m just as depressed as everyone else over this…

Hey, I’m Cheryl Parks. My background includes being a sales coach and business advisor. And in the last 25 years, I’ve sold over 25 Million Dollars of services to Fortune 1000 companies (like WellsFargo Bank, Discover Financial, and others)

Businessmen and women who were keen to increase their revenue and build their bottom line, I helped them land $10K to $500K+ deals for their business. 

Whether I worked with corporate businesses or B2C contractors, I helped them do one thing: SELL.

As you see, selling is the single most important entrepreneurial skill to have. 

Best-in-class marketers and business owners will tell you this, too…  cash doesn't change hands, life doesn't get impacted, and your business doesn’t get rewarded with groundbreaking profits until… YOU HAVE THE ABILITY TO SELL WELL!


And I’m aiming to make you the smartest person in the room when it comes to selling.


But being the *smartest* person requires you to first:

  • Break through the limiting beliefs around money and sales.

  • Shift your confidence to scale to profitability.

  • Develop a growth mindset.

  • Break through the barriers of introversion (when needed) & bridge the gap between you and your business goals.



Think about it:

Let’s assume you’ve got the powerhouse sales strategy,

But still, there is something that sabotages your growth and holds you back.

In other words:

Your hidden, personal variables prevent your sales skills from really being able to shine.

And unless you identify and smooth over those internal challenges, you won’t be able to achieve external success. 


But you probably already know…

Sales coaches and trainers just focus on your business sales perfectionism, just scratch the surface of your potential …and not, necessarily,  the nuances of your inner growth. 

They, typically, don’t know you as an individual or the intricacies of your business’ brand.


Business success lies far beyond JUST random sales tactics. And when you prioritize the full spectrum of your life (your confidence, mindset, and sales skills), you become the smartest person. Period!

Unfortunately, it’s totally overlooked by almost everyone in the coaching space. 

Not me though, my motives are different…

Our Clients Say

Stacey Profile Upclose_edited.jpg

"I'm going to go and follow all of Cheryl's instructions!I’m very coachable when I can relate to the Coach. Cheryl Parks is the best coach when it comes to sales. She drops nuggets  like no other!"

Stacey Ames-SuttonFounder and CEOLeading with Behavior Balance, LLC

The thing is…

If you’ve ever been to a sales coach or bought a training program that didn’t work for you… it is probably because they trained you on the “sales tactics” or “lead generation tactics” but not the mystery of your business success.   


I know, because I’ve experienced it firsthand…

I have seen the ‘gurus’ dishing out misinformation about sales and business growth. 

And the ones who are good at what they do… They were just teaching me what to do!

Here’s what I mean…

You learn a lot about the topic… be it lead generation or marketing…  but you never get the results you were looking for. 

That’s simply because results come from ‘doing’ not ‘learning’.

Then it hit me and I had to do something about it…

“There Has To Be A Better Way To Do Business Coaching & Sales Consultation!”

I decided to figure out exactly what enabled me to close over $25 Million in revenue in a span of 25 years! (And how I overcame my shyness, low confidence, and introversion for my own good).

I took every strategy I knew which led me to sales success with  Fortune 1000 companies and helped numerous contractors and sales executives land their ideal clients. 

I bottled my decades of experience up, took it through new ideas, and developed an entirely new standard of sales coaching that does everything you need. 


This system is guaranteed to work for any niche and space. 

Even better…

We work together until you get TWO qualified clients. 

It's legacy for sales closers and business builders. My legacy is

 P.S: You’re about to explore the most systemized sales mechanism for your niche… You will discover how to ACTUALLY sell your product/service to the clients of your wildest dreams… using a process that is guaranteed to work once you put in the work.

Sounds fair? 

P.P.S:  I can only accept a few people at any given time. And once that particular number is achieved, this page will be turned off... (I don’t want everyone to be a part of this program because I am very hands-on to ensure results).

But if you’re still reading, it all says a lot about your commitment to your sales success. Speaking of which, it’s most important to determine that we’re a fit for working together. 

 {Here’s Where The Transformation Starts!}

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