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Go from confusion to clarity & ultimate sales success

Who Else Wants To Close Bigger Deals With Bigger Companies… Sell At Higher Prices… And Persuade The Clients That Are Willing To Invest In You?

If you’re at all interested in starting closing BIG.CASH deals, upgrading your closing skills, and finally getting the leading companies to do business with you… this is the platform you were looking for to help!


Watch the complete video to see what this all is about!

Testimonial - Stacey Sutton-Ames

Testimonial - Stacey Sutton-Ames

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Listen To The Words Of Contractors, Solopreneurs, and Business Leaders Whom I Took Further In Sales Than They Couldn’t Have Gone Alone

Our Clients Say

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"I'm going to go and follow all of Cheryl's instructions!I’m very coachable when I can relate to the Coach. Cheryl Parks is the best coach when it comes to sales. She drops nuggets  like no other!"

Stacey Ames-SuttonFounder and CEOLeading with Behavior Balance, LLC

Up Until Now, Scaling Your Business With High-Ticket Offers Has Been An Absolute Pain In The Neck

And let’s take a closer look:

You’re running ads or doing paid marketing for your business and you’re stuck for conversions… 

You’re struggling to get any sales or leads even after spending a ridiculous amount of money on paid marketing efforts…

Your ad costs are skyrocketing while your ROI is dwindling like a thread burned from one end. 

Your business lets you have an average income… an average life… and everything goes average (As average as getting all Cs on your report card, meh!)

Now, I’m not yet another marketing guru with a GET_RICH_QUICK scheme under my belt…

Neither am about to hand you over a Wall Street success roadmap to go from $3k to $1M in under a month.

If you’re looking for them, I’d advise you to stay away from (Because those marketing and scaling gimmicks are just a waste of your time, money, and energy)

And you’ll find plenty of self-proclaimed gurus who want to sell you that jibber-jabber all around the web.

These *sales* gurus come and go…

Maybe you know a lot of youtube videos and so-called ‘high-ticket experts’ …You watch a few videos… skip a few…  and at last, it’ll lead you to dead ends.

Which means… You do not get even a mere fraction of the results you expect.

Let me tell you…

You’ve to save yourself from drowning in this sea of misinformation.  

And for your good, there’s a real proven way to get unstuck…

It’s a simpler one!

It is to choose the right mentor when it comes to sales closing or any other skill in life.

So you can spend your valuable time and hard-earned money in the right place and learn from the right people…

A mentor fast-tracks your learning process, makes you smoothly navigate through the hell of learning challenges, and bridges the gap between your learning and implementation. 

Now, you might ask… “How would you choose the right mentor and make informed learning decisions?” Good question and I got you covered on this. 

Put simply…

There are 3 weapons of capable mentors in this digital age. 

Coaching, Confidence, & Relationship.

 A true mentor: 

Has been in the trenches and knows how to upscale you…

Make your confidence soar as you start hitting your sales targets…

Develops lasting and genuine relationships with mentees and opens ways for constructive feedback.

But, you see…

Not every mentorship is curated equally… Not every mentor is the same, too!

Here’s what I mean…

Pretty much everyone does sales mentorship WRONG.

You’ll discover one or more of these 3 elements were missing. 

Which means…

Most sales training programs these days, be it group or 1-on-1, either has:

👎Traditional, ‘guesswork—no work’ sales strategies by the mentor

👎Extremely short periods of actual coaching and support

👎Very tight restrictions on the amount of coaching you get


Some unwanted Frankenstein of all those things.


It’s a sound setup for coaches, but it creates a TERRIBLE experience for you!

Speaking of which…

I wanted to create something that moved in the opposite direction to all of that. 

Something that is 100% focused on you and your results. 

Thus, I came up with The VIP day!

And my goal was simple:

To Create The ONLY High-Ticket Selling System For Shy & Introvert Business Builders


You see, my VIP Day event is different from almost every coaching program you’ve ever taken.

Here’s how…

I combine the three elements of Coaching, Confidence, & Relationship …backed by real-life case studies and success stories of your fellow closers. 

So naturally…

You’ll be able to quickly master the strategies, skills, & adopt the mindset that will transform you into a high-ticket closer. 

AND, you’ll create the business and life you deserve. Period!