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Meet Cheryl

Sales and Mindset Coach, Consultant & Inspirational Speaker



One of the phrases used to describe me is that I "demystify the sales process" by making it simple and being sure people feel no question is a stupid question. This phrase is meaningful to me because one of my core values is maintain the respect and integrity for clients, buyers and partners.

Staying H.E.A.R.T. centered is to genuinely understand the motivators, limitations and ignitors for people to take action. The results create empowerment for yourself, an understanding about why buyers make decisions and ultimately be able to serve yourself and your clients at your highest level. Simplify, solve and serve. This is the foundation of H.E.A.R.T. centered sales.

People ask me how long I've been coaching? Almost two (2) years - all my life is my answer. Early in my career I realized my superpower was coaching because I understand the fear of sales and public speaking, the confusion around the solution sales process or simply not knowing how to duplicate the process to  scale.

Getting our clients to their "aHa moment" is the most exciting part of how I serve.

Why Coaching?

Coaching brings out the excellent best in you!

You discover your unique superpowers without having someone guiding you to be "like them" in the way you speak, act and move. There is no one way to success but it does leave clues. These clues enable you to build success for yourself, your business and your clients.

Investing in a Coach will guide you discover your path to success while speaking in your voice. You will improve your sales skills, increase your win rates and leverage so you can create results over and over again.

What you learn about yourself by being coached become "aHa moments" that cannot be unlearned.

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People are Talking

Stacey Profile Upclose_edited.jpg

"I'm going to go and follow all of Cheryl's instructions!I’m very coachable when I can relate to the Coach. Cheryl Parks is the best coach when it comes to sales. She drops nuggets  like no other!"

Stacey Ames-SuttonFounder and CEOLeading with Behavior Balance, LLC

Shelia Bruno.jpg

I found Cheryl a couple of years ago and started to follow her on social media. Her continuing positivity and expertise as The Sales Growth Coach have been a huge inspiration to me and have made a genuine difference in my life, both personally and professionally. She is incredibly knowledgeable in many ways; I love how she teaches you how to close a deal without sounding pushy or desperate. If you are struggling with closing deals and being shy about doing so, I highly recommend Cheryl Parks, The Sales Growth Coach!

Shelia Frasier-Bruno

Inspirational Speaker

Wife After Prison

Amelia Jael.jpg

Before my session with Cheryl, I felt like I was winging it on my discovery calls. I had a framework that I had invested in made via a coaching program, hosted by a guru who lacked real-life sales expertise. As a result of this not so great coaching investment, I had never really done a test run to see how that framework would work in real life. While I knew that I can get my clients in front of new audiences with ease, I struggled to convey what I did in a way that compelled people to take action. However after my sales role-play session with Cheryl, I had a better handle on how a great sales conversation should FEEL, and this was the piece I was missing. I also learned the importance to practice, practice, practice, so no more "winging it" when it comes to sales calls!

If your sales conversation MUST work the first time, reach out to Cheryl ASAP!

Amelia J. Roberts

Strategic Partnership Expert

Solutions by Amelia

Gwen Wilson.jpg

Naturally selling has changed my mindset and made me more comfortable with has always hindered or intimidated me. Here's to dominating your area of Greatness!

Gwen Wilson

CEO & Founder

Turning Point Solutions, LLC

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