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Remember to Manage Your Energy

Updated: Mar 14

Over the weekend I joined a couple dozen women for a Show Up On Purpose conference. Needless to say it was AH-MAZING! The women business owners share their personal stories of being bullied, abused, imposter syndrome, confusion, frustration, fear AND loss.

In addition, their stories were full of ease, grace, discipline, excitement, purpose, passion and inspiration. Oh, and yes there were tears.

It was an impactful morning and as I left I realized I was completely done. Done to the point of changing my afternoon plans which included meeting my husband at a community event. Unapologetically, I grabbed a salad and headed home. Ate in silence and proceeded to rest.

For me, being clear about my energy level is the catalyst to everything. I've realized I can keep going and going and going but at some point my body will let me know I've done too much. More importantly, I really like to show up as my best self or on purpose (as the session pointed out). If that's to happen it's imperative that I'm not running on fumes and I replenish my energy at the right times.

Here are a few simple ways to Manage Your Energy:

  1. Plan - leverage the time of day when you naturally show up as the best version of yourself. For me, I'm a night owl so late morning and afternoon are ideal. Conversely, if you are an early riser schedule your meetings and calls for the morning so you can use your afternoons to replenish and refresh.

  2. Define - determine the primary drain on your energy. For some, it's in person events or it can be zoom calls or simply discussions over 30 minutes.When you pin point the primary drain on your energy you will be able to manage and optimize your energy.

  3. Replenish - identify the things you do to refresh and be sure to make time for them. To some, it's simply rest. For others it can be sunshine, fresh air, meditation, being near a body of water and the list goes on.

The more you learn and know about your energy levels the more you can show up as the best version of yourself and make impact when you desire.

Rooting for you!


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